37.5 Productions is kicking off the Special Edition release of LIVELIHOOD by giving away the custom guitar played by Billy Jump (Stephen Thomas), an undead 80s rock icon featured prominently in the film.

“We wanted to give something back to our fans,” states LIVELIHOOD director Ryan Graham.  “Grassroots support is crucial to the success of an indie film, and we feel it’s important to reward people who spread the word about our movie.” 

This special guitar features a black strat-style body with a pearloid pickguard and Lace Sensor pickups, and has an approximate value of $400.  Not only was it played by zombie rock star Billy Jump multiple times in the movie, but it was also used for the film’s score.

To win the guitar, all you have to do is tell people about the movie!  When they purchase the DVD at, there will be a "Notes" box where they can write in the name of the person, website, or organization who told them about the film.  Whoever has the most referrals by Sunday June 29th, 2008 will win the guitar!  So get out there and spread the word by telling your friends, posting on your blog, writing on message boards you visit, submitting reviews to websites, or going door-to-door around your neighborhood like that kid from the track team who seems to ask for money every week or so and who you suspect is really just blowing the cash on drugs.  Hooray!